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Sep 25 "Bandai Namco ID" Partial Functional Maintenance
2023/08/18 19:00
Thank you for using Bandai Namco ID.

Maintenance of the external system used for "Bandai Namco ID" will be performed on the following schedule.
In conjunction with this maintenance, Bandai Namco ID will also undergo maintenance on some of its functions.

■Date and time

Monday, September 25,2023 08:00-11:00(PDT) (extended up to 14:00) 
* 24 hour clock


The following functions will be unavailable to all customers.

・New registration of Bandai Namco ID

・New registration for services

・Referring to and editing user information settings (e-mail address, address information, etc.)

・Login with a one-time password.

・Resetting your password

・Deleting Bandai Namco ID

・All functions of the Family Group (e.g., adult authentication, creation and linking of children's accounts, and permission for children to use the service)

All functions other than the above functions that are not available during the applicable time period are available (e.g., login authentication for accounts that do not have a One Time Password set, use of Bandai Namco Coins, etc.).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.
Thank you for your continued support of Bandai Namco ID.